I'm a next-level educator for creators and influencers who are ready to quit their 9-5 once and for all, and turn their 6 figure creator business dreams into a reality. I’m so excited you landed here, because I know that I’ve got the tools, frequency and gold you’ve been looking for.

Before I was Danielle Muntain, world-traveling creator, I spent years working as a fashion stylist in Vancouver while building my side hustle.

While I was working as a fashion stylist and building my lash academy on the side, I spent every spare second of my day strategically growing my Instagram account as a fashionista.

Can you believe my original IG handle was @stylisadaniella lol? I started to post consistent ootd photos and before I knew it, my love for creative direction, photography and social media had skyrocketed.

One day I won a high-level photography competition and was sent across Asia on an all expenses paid trip of my dreams! One taste of that life of creative adventure, I quickly realized that my wanderlust-driven soul wasn't going to be fulfilled in any rainy concrete jungle.

If you are feeling stuck in an uninspired city, lifestyle or job I see you! I hustled in Vancouver's fashion industry for years, and from the outside looking in, everything was glamorous, successful and picture-perfect, except I was deeply unfulfilled.

Before taking the leap of faith that I'm inviting you into, I spent my days scrolling and daydreaming about far-away destinations.

Everyday I was feeling uninspired and living for the weekends and my next two week adventure. Now my entire life is an adventure! I say ‘pinch me’ every morning with so much gratitude, I don’t know if I can handle it sometimes.

For me, the leap looked one way, but for you it might be different. Personally, I knew that I needed a physical change, so I decided to go all in on this thing called Instagram. I bought a professional camera and booked a one way ticket to Bali.

It was only then that I fulfilled my soul-level craving to experience the real jungle, follow the path of my destiny, start building a global network of friends, to say yes to more one way tickets and spontaneous adventures. I was soon sailing through manta ray filled seas and collaborating with luxury properties such as @camayabali. Our collaboration shoot here went viral to the tune of millions. Yes, millions! When so many eyes hit my sunrise photo waking up in a nest overlooking an ancient volcano, it lit up my passion to pave the way for others to experience this same level of ‘pinch me’ how is my life this free and awe-inspiring and epic daily!

It is my deepest pleasure to be your guide into the art of harnessing your creativity into a business.

Fast forward five years from when I left Vancouver and never looked back: Now my secret sauce of creative directing, styling, photography and editing with a business savvy mindset has created my social media empire!

I’ve established my name in the travel and fashion industry as a creator worth hiring. Since Vancouver, I designed a new life that included travelling to over 40 countries in five years and working with dream luxury brands and hotels around the world! I’ve been hired by tourism boards in magical places like Bali, Mexico, Taiwan and Colombia. These days I choose my collaboration partners with so much care and heart. Sometimes it’s the biggest names in fashion like Revolve, other times its the most niche, sustainable fashion brands you’ve likely never heard of, but I’m so proud to rep them and lend my talents to these rising brands.

Now I get invited to top fashion weeks like New York and Paris! Having experienced these spaces, and partnerships with the Cannes Shopping Festival and New York Fashion Week, I have so many lessons under my creative belt that I’m excited to infuse into Creatorversity for you.

Why did I build the creator’s education palace, Creatorversity? As a solo woman travel-creator, I started to realize a few things about the industry that didn’t sit well with me and I wanted to change.

First off, I felt so alone. I craved a community of other like-minded creators with big hearts and big dreams who were on the same journey. There was no one stop shop or online gathering place for them to be found. Besides flying solo with little guidance or support, it was hard to find information online about industry standards, best practices, and other insider creator business secrets. I looked for resources that would make my life easier from the get go but there was nothing out there that fit the bill.

On this adventure I had to build my friendships, connections and community one by one, conversation by conversation, DM by DM. Yes, I finally built the community I was longing for, but it was a lot of work! I knew that I wasn’t the only creator who was longing for a place to build connection or learn to grow a new business endeavour. That vision of us creators helping, learning and growing together kept me going.

So I decided to create the resources for you I wish I had at my fingertips when I was starting out. Inside Creatorversity you’ll find the rich resources and a platform to educate and connect with like-minded creators from around the globe. I show you the same methods I used to grow over 100,000 followers across my social media platforms and convert them into dream partnerships that grew my bank account.

It’s all about you and your dream being translated into a full time, physical reality. I have helped other creators, personal brands and businesses grow organically through viral, monetizable content to create life changing off line results without all the mistakes I made, when I first started out. No need for sleepless nights when you’re a part of the Creatorversity flow and natural growth!

If you are ready to get infront of millions of eyes through viral, organic content then this platform is your launch pad!

This has then lead to creators going after what they love, leaving their 9-5, moving across the world and achieving financial freedom while living out their dream entrepreneurial careers.

Can you imagine: You’re not an amateur DIY creator anymore, babe. You’re the full time boss, supported, and surrounded by fellow creators you get inspired by and learn from.

I’m also a highly intuitive breath work facilitator who brings in practices for you to embody in the lessons and tap into your intuition and creative genius in relationships and business within my 1 on 1 coaching and mentorship offerings.

This is not your average program, this is a transformative, magical container and i’m so excited for you to experience and grow inside of it!


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